FDNY Training

  • Construction Site Fire Safety Manager ($200)
    This course introduces students to the New York City Fire Code and Fire Department Rules including their organization and terminology, along with Fire Code construction site provisions and all construction site fire safety requirements. Topics covered will include fire safety plans, inspections and record keeping, training on fire extinguishers, testing fire protection equipment, hot work requirements and industry best practices based on other regulatory requirements like the Building Code and OSHA.
  • Fire Safety Director ($225)
  • Fire Safety/EAP Director ($150)
  • First Aid, CPR with AED ($130)
  • Fire Guard Prep Course for Certificate of Fitnessfor Citywide Fire Guard (F-01) & Construction Site Fire Guard (F-60) ($50)

    • F-01In any occupancy where a required fire protection system is out of service, a fire watch shall be maintained by one or more persons holding a Certificate of Fitness. For the initial four hours of a planned or an unplanned out of service condition when the affected area does not exceed 50,000 square feet, the impairment coordinator or a trained and knowledgeable person who is capable of performing fire watch duties and is designated by the building owner may perform the fire watch duties. After four hours of an out of service condition, such patrols shall only be conducted by fire guards holding a Certificate of Fitness.
    • F-60 A Certificate of Fitness holder must be present to perform fire watch during hot work operations at: 1) construction sites, 2) rooftop operations where torch-applied roof systems are in operation, and 3) in any building or structure where a torch operation is conducted. A certificate holder is also required at sites when construction, alteration or demolition exceeds 10,000 square feet when fronting one street, or 20,000 square feet when fronting two streets, or whenever the building exceeds 75 feet in height.This Certificate of Fitness is valid only for the specific person to whom it is issued and can be used anywhere within New York City.
  • Sprinkler & Standpipe Prep ($85)

    • S­11 Residential Sprinkler System
    • S­12 Citywide Sprinkler System
    • S­13 Citywide Standpipe System
    • S­14 Standpipe for Multi-­Zone System

Department of Transportation Training

  • 4-Hour Flagger ($125)
    During this 4-hour course students will be introduced to Federal and New York State policies, procedures and standards. Training will review general work zone safety principles covered in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) book, with concentration on recognition and prevent of hazardous conditions, and the topics discussed in this course provide a thorough understanding of the proper signals and safe flagging techniques specific to New York regulations, flagging procedures and proper use of required equipment, and how to coordinate traffic movement through the work zone. Students will have an opportunity to review flagging skills using hands-on training and classroom activities.
  • 8-Hour Certified Signal man ($200)
    The course includes discussions on different types of signals used and practical scenarios to prepare students for a practical and written examination that is administered at the end of the course. This course includes topics such as crane components, proper use of the ANSI hand signals, crane characteristics and dynamics, signal person requirements per OSHA 1926.1419-1926.1422, working near power lines, and voice signals.