Environmental Training Courses

  • 8- Hour Lead RRP Initial ($250)
    This EPA approved course explains how to comply with the new RRP Rule. This course will teach students lead-safe work practices & how to successfully implement them. This course includes topics such as regulatory authority: 40 CFR 745.90(a)(1) & 40 CFR Subpart L, health effects and how to prevent them, lead safe work practices, containment, cleaning & record keeping, tools & personal protective equipment. This certificate will allow the individual to perform renovations in any State area.
  • 4-Hour Lead RRP Refresher ($150)
    This course will refresh the participant’s knowledge of how to properly perform lead-safe practices and how to successfully implement them. Topics covered include regulatory authority: 40 CFR 745.90(a)(1) & 40 CFR Subpart L, health effects and how to prevent them, lead safe work practices, containment, cleaning & record keeping, tools & personal protective equipment.
  • Asbestos Handler Initial ($450)
    This training is designed to give each student a thorough understanding of the different removal processes as well as the importance of public protection and potential health effects. This course includes topics such as personal hygiene, work area preparation, engineering control, personal protective equipment, work practices, and safety hazards. Upon completion of the Asbestos Abatement Worker/Handler Initial Training, attendees will receive a course completion certificate from TSCTA.
  • Asbestos Handler Refresher ($125)
    This training covers the renewal process which attendees will have to complete to renew their certification. Students receive a user manual containing images and important facts covered during course. The topics covered consist of a review of federal and state regulations, engineering controls and decontamination systems.
  • Asbestos Supervisor/Contractor Initial ($495)
    The training offers practical instruction on all facets of asbestos removal to include project planning, work practices, protection of workers, and project close-out procedures. Other topics include supervisory techniques, insurance and liability considerations, PPE, and overview of federal and state regulations.
  • Asbestos Supervisor/Contractor Ref ($150)
    This course will refresh the individual’s knowledge of the materials that were covered in the initial 40 hours of training such as how to properly provide supervision and direction to workers engaged in asbestos abatement activities and/or individuals who operate in abatement business. It will also cover any revised or updated information.
  • Asbestos Inspector ($450)
    This course gives individuals preparation for investigating asbestos containing materials as well as for collecting bulk samples, survey, personal protective equipment (PPE), building systems, health hazards, legal liabilities, public employee, building occupant relations, and recordkeeping.
  • Asbestos Project Designer ($575)
    Designer certification is required for individuals who are responsible for phasing and/or remediation methods, timing, planning the scope and applying the above mentioned to any asbestos project. According to the NYS Education Department anyone, who submits plans to the State Education department must be certified as a designer.
  • Asbestos Operations & Maintenance ($275)
    Asbestos operations, maintenance and/or repair activities of various scale and duration must be performed by facility staff possessing relevant asbestos certification .The certificate is obligatory while dealing with asbestos materials of less than twenty-five (25) linear or ten (10) square feet.
  • 24-Hour Mold Remediation Technician ($550)
    Students will learn and discuss the facts associated with mold. They will also learn about the interpretation of data and the current general status of mold-related litigation, legislation, licensing, and certification. The specific topics are: what are molds?; Common health problems; What factors affect mold growth?; How to detect mold growth; and How to prevent mold problems, (Mold & Mildew Re-mediation in Schools & Commercial Buildings. – U.S. EPA /NYC DOH)
  • 24-Hour Mold Remediation Supervisor ($675)
    Mold class, above, with additional training: Mold Remediation Supervisor will be able to perform all tasks related to Mold Remediation including run projects, coordinate worker activities, sampling techniques and analysis and abatement procedures and protocols.
  • Blood Born Pathogens ($250)
    This course has been designed to help safety and health professionals analyze the workplace, create an exposure control plan and develop workplace practices that will minimize risks. Course Content: Review the OSHA standard universal precautions, personal protective equipment, safe work practices and engineering controls; decontamination; housekeeping; labels and signs.
  • 16-Hour Air Sampling Tech ($295)
    This course is for persons who perform air sampling related activities. Curriculum covers: air sampling techniques, inspections and procedures, regulations and emergency response. During the course students become familiar with the methodology for representative quality assurance for both personal and area sampling for phase contrast microscopy (PCM) and transmission electron microscopy analysis (TEM).
  • 40-Hour Project Manager ($550)
    A person, who oversees the scope, methodology or does the quality control on abatement projects but is not a supervisor, must carry the project monitor certification. This includes those who represent owner and/or act in a “third party”.